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Jose Rael


Jose and Barbara made Midland, Texas home in 1993.  Jose was born and raised in Southern Colorado and has always had a passion for the outdoors including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

Jose retired from Walmart Stores as a Market Fashion Merchandise Manager, where he enjoyed teaching others the importance of quality merchandising.

Jose is an accomplished salesman in various fields including vehicles, PAF, Oilfield tools, Food Sales, & merchandising, and Merchant Services.

He earned some notable acknowledgments such as Sales “Record Breaker”, Star Performer, and certified Consultant, 

Jose knows that educated and responsible gun ownership requires knowledge about the laws pertaining to gun ownership as well as knowledge about the firearm itself, and most importantly the safe use and handling of the firearm being used.

Jose is a Christian and a current member at Southwest Baptist Church in Midland, TX.

Jose has always been involved in the community, currently a member of Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, former member of Keep Midland Beautiful, has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, former member of Gideon’s International.

Jose is a teacher at heart: In the past has taught incarcerated juveniles the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has taught others how to ride horseback, previously  coached soccer, and basketball, and currently is coaching a children's chess team.

Jose has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from USC Pueblo, Colorado.



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