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We provide training classes for firearm safety and license to carry hand gun courses.

​Saving Lives, One Class at a Time​

Many gun owners and enthusiasts come into the market or industry for various reasons. Whether you're focused on self-defense or enjoy shooting for leisure, you need to practice safety and have a license to carry. At Advantage LTC & Firearm Safety LLC in Midland, Texas, we guide you through proper firearm handling.

We provide training classes for firearms safety and licenses to carry handguns. Contact us to learn about our programs and other services.

About Our Business

We started Advantage LTC & Firearm Safety LLC because we noticed the need for safe handling of firearms throughout Texas and beyond. With the laws in Texas and many other states now allowing constitutional carry, we believe the importance of safety is more important than ever.

Every time tragic stories of accidents involving firearms are aired on the news, it serves as a reminder that we can NEVER take safety for granted! With the right to keep and bear arms for protection of life and property comes the immense responsibility of safety.

Our goal is to do our part, by teaching and training as many people as possible, thereby helping to mitigate accidents involving firearms. 


                                                       Our Pricing

  • LTC Individual - $110.00
  • LTC Couples - $195.00
  • LTC Group Discounts (3 to 9) - $95.00 Each
  • LTC Group Discounts (10 or More) - $90.00 Each
  • LTC Veterans Discount - $95.00
  • LTC Private Lessons - $165.00 (Call for appointment)
  • Range Qualification - $45.00
  • Range Fee - $10.00 (Included in All the Class Fees)
  • Personal Range Training - $75.00 (Call to schedule)
  • Gun Rental to Qualify: $35.00 price includes ammo
  • NRA Course: Basics of Pistol Shooting - $110.00
  • NRA Course: BOPS Private lesson - $165.00
  • LTC courses available in Spanish (pricing same as English course)

Our Mission 

To inspire gun owners everywhere to embrace safe and responsible firearm handling.


“ Taking the LTC class has taught me so much about being licensed to carry. I enjoyed taking this class, our instructor (Jose) was professional and precise with the information given. Jose was positive and ready to teach and answered all questions when asked. I personally recommend anyone who is looking for a LTC class to sign up with Jose. He makes you feel welcomed and is open to any discussions about learning how to shoot a gun. You won’t regret it!

- Manuela S.-

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